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The Hipster: Overview

August 31, 2014

Hipster as defined object first appeared in the United States in the 40sThe term formed from the slang «to be hip», which translates approximately as "to be aware of the subject". The word originally meant a special representative of the subculture that emerged among fans of jazz musicnowadays the word “hipster” is commonly used to describe urban young people interested in the elite foreign culture and art, fashion, alternative music and indie rockart-house cinema, contemporary literature, and so on.
The “Time” magazine ironically describes the person with sweater who was received from a grandmother, glasses in the style of Bob Dylandenim breechessneakers "Converse" – here's a hipsterOther important attributes include: skinny jeans, t-shirt with printa film SLR cameranotebook "Moleskine" and iPhoneSometimes hipsters are blamed for loss of identity and replacements of the same with things, accessories and fashion trends. 

A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling in 2013showed that Americans do not like hipsters, and a quarter of those surveyed proposes to introduce a special type of tax for style followers.
The cultural trend was picked up by many writers, among them – Robert Lenhem, the author of The Hipster Handbook” and Christian Lorentzer, the author of article “Kill the hipster: Why the hipster must die: A modest proposal to save New York cool”. Another article that you will probably enjoy reading is coming from amazing Julia Plevin.
At present, there are two opinions on the political views of hipsters: some suggest their complete indifference to politicsothers see them as bearers of moderate opposition bourgeois consciousness.
Anyway, the point of conflict is the question of consumerism. While the hipster’s culture was emerged as a protest against labels, those young people are promoting certain brands like American Apparel, iphone and Ray Ban. Yes, they try to recreate the funky vintage look, but most of the time they end up in the high end stores spending money away on something they seem to be against. Weird.
That was just a short overview of the modern hipster. As for me, I do like my beard and I can’t survive  without iphone… I consider myself stylish, but I don’t care whether people call me hipster or “that guy who knows the fashion trends”. Who cares?

Credits: Logan Campbell

Hand Me Down Your Uncle's Clothes

October 2, 2013

 Hipster the get down

Just came across this great video "Hipster - The Get Down", i was laughing... seriously! Hipsters have this unique ironic sense of humor! There is saying that the look of hipster is constantly changing, however a few things survived over the time... their love for everything cool or not mainstream.

Hipster - The Get Down

Hand me down your uncle's clothes, they're new to me.
I slip my Toms up over my toes, then give one free. 
My shaggy do don't need no comb.
You don't like or listen to the bands I know. You can go online and get it free, you wouldn't know about it.
Rotate in my Lumber Jack Joe, it's my face fro.
I like the funny places that it grows, won't clean up.
My mustache is ironic I know.
Tiny pants look stupid when there's muffin top; junk food isn't cool so I don't mind, until it's all organic.
I watch Indy films they're neither shows nor movies.

I'm not a Scenester, I'm not a Greaser.
Metal dudes say I'm a little bitta Weezer.
I won't buy my coffee from a Juggernaut, Grande or a Venti I say no, don't call me Hipster.
Take my Tall Boy PBR and go, you wouldn't know about it.

You don't wanna call me on the phone, I don't do that.
I only text and Email's kinda slow, don't blow me up.
Some chat rooms are the places I'll go.
I can ride my fixie through the parking lot.
I just roll my own or load a pipe, you know it takes forever.
Many times I like to hang alone don't think I'm lonely.

I'm not a Steampunk, I'm not a Greaser.
Metal dudes say I'm a little bitta Weezer.
I won't buy my coffee from a Juggernaut, Grande or a Venti I say no, don't call me Hipster.
Many times I like to hang alone don't think I'm lonely, Na na.
Metal dudes!
You don't know the places I go, they're secret.
We make puzzles and play Tick Tack Toe, Monopoly.
You'll never be this cool I know.
We won't buy our coffee from a Juggernaut, Grande or a Venti I say no, don't call me Hipster.
I watch Indy films they're neither shows nor movies, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm not an Ire Man, I'm not a Greaser
Rudeboys say I'm a little bitta Weezer.
I won't buy my coffee from a Juggernaut, Grande or a Venti I say no, don't call me Hipster.
You don't know the places that I go, don't call me Hipster
Do, re, mi and fa, so la, ti do, you wouldn't know about it



Hidden Power of Clark Kent Glasses

September 9, 2013

Superman aka Clark Kent with glasses

Anybody who grew up watching TV must know all about Clark Kent. Well, let me remind you, just in case you forgot! He has a day job and protects his secret identity with thick and nerdy, albeit stylish frames. No surprise these are called Clark Kent glasses. And who does not get excited when finally, the brave Clark removes his glasses and steps into a telephone booth revealing a giant S under his clothes?  So how those nerdy glasses became so popular?

Introduced by DC Comics in 1938, Clark Kent wore a pair of nerdy bookish glasses to disguise himself. When his character first stepped into the big screen, he gained many fans and became the name that was always referred to as Superman. To be honest, I was quite addicted to Smallville series myself so newly released Man of Steel is definitely one of “must watch” movies of this summer! Ask any fan what kind of glasses the thick rimmed ones are and you can get almost the same answer: Superman glasses. These specs somehow give people around him the impression that he is vulnerable and fragile and would be the last person to be referred to when making the association to Superman and his life-saving powers. The glasses have become iconic, making the double identity fierce and lending him an air of intensity.

The new trend has taken over the streets straight from television all the way to today’s version of retro eyewear.

Just like how most trends start, what appears to be on TV can be picked up by many fans and audiences across the world. Seventy years after Clark Kent debut on the big screen, any die-hard Superman fan will readily have these type of glasses in possession.  Even after many years, Superman Clark Kent glasses are still selling like hotcakes around the globe.

These types of glasses have a shape that is similar to aviators but edgier, whimsical and admittedly classy. They are great for oval shaped faces, and blackish frames can go well with any dark outfit. As long as you have an oval shaped face, this frame type will suit you well. However, dark frames can complement medium to fair skin tones. Light coloured frames can complement and contrast darker skin tones.

Just like Clark Kent, wearing similar frame style can help you achieve a smart and mild-mannered personality. They are also attractive, enabling you to expose your gentleman’s personality and remind of hidden powers to those around you! You can wear them with or without prescriptions and you can expect favorable responses. Anyone wearing Superman Specs will definitely appear mysterious and geeky at the same time.

Ever since everything retro started making waves in the fashion world, many people returned to Clark Kent glasses to recall their memories. Undeniably, Clark Kent glasses have a nostalgic appeal that has always been so attractive.

If you can’t get enough of Clark Kent glasses, you are in luck! With the popularity and widespread exposure of a superhero such as Superman, “Man of Steel” movie brings back many reasons why Clark Kent gives just the right identity protection.

Warby Parker has just released its special edition Superman Specs for fans around the globe. Percey model is a round style black frame with yellow flecks that is priced at $95 including prescriptions. Also from Warby Parker, Chamberlain is a wayfarer type frame that is black all over with distinguishable blue lines at the edges.

Credits: Charles Nadeau

Ultimate History of Hipster Culture

September 8, 2013

Hipster Character

Many people still wonder who are those individuals with vintage clothes, oversized black frame glasses and old film cameras in their hands. Let me introduce the typical hipster to you! Apparently the sub-culture goes back to 1940s and inspired by British intelligentsia, hence the charm.

Although there is no real definition of a hipster, there are specific features to help you recognize the one apart from those listed above:

  • t-shits with funny prints;
  • skinny jeans;
  • vintage camera;
  • nerd glasses;
  • Converses or any cool flats.
Inspired by music, art, fashion and urban living the new generation of youngsters appeared on the stage. They have rejected the fake popularity, hence you will never see expensive brands on them, although cute grandpa shirt always fits nicely! What makes life important is a good taste of music, latest piece of technology from Apple and broad knowledge of the most recent cultural trends. 
You will see hipsters sitting together in some sort of "underground" cafe, talking about life in general and art in particular. Perhaps you will never be able to understand them, but they do not really care! 
Many people would argue that hipster's sub-culture is mainly for youngsters. This is not true, i have seen all ages around. While older people prefer to grow a beard and wear classy dresses, younger generation goes for bright colors and sometimes extreme designer's accessories. 
It looks like after it's boom in 2003 hipster trend is going to fade away. But true hipsters will never die as interest in everything bohemian will be picked up by others.